About de Chalains

Established in 1998, de ChalainsIP® is a top tier Intellectual Property (IP) law firm with offices in Pretoria and Durban.
The Raison d’ être was simple –  to create a unique firm by providing our clients with astonishing levels of service excellence at affordable rates. This mantra encapsulated a commitment to nurturing and caring for our clients’ trade mark and patent portfolios in the most streamlined and cost effective manner. This focussed proactive approach provided a solid base from which to develop and evolve into the 21 Century as a full service IP boutique offering clients a refreshing and authentic alternative to much older and bigger firms culminating in Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) recognizing the firm for eleven straight years as a leading light for trade mark prosecution in South Africa. The firm is dedicated to providing our clients’ throughout Africa and globally with an integrated, responsive and personal range of superior IP services at a fair price.

Moreover, the firm’s professional staff were originally members of large well respected South African IP law firms and have all honed their skills and craft over many years of extensive experience in different facets of IP law and, in particular, trade mark procurement and enforcement.  Being lean, nimble and dynamic presupposes a degree of flexibility and agility exemplified by a total commitment to personal services tailored to suit clients’ specific needs and budget requirements. Since inception the firm has gained a formidable reputation for accurate, swift and thorough service across the African continent with advice dispensed in a straight- forward,  understandable manner without unnecessary jargon and legalese.

The firm remains committed to building and maintaining long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships whilst simultaneously ensuring top-drawer service at reasonable cost.